How is it that all of a sudden, through 1000’s of years of human history




How is it that all of a sudden, through 1000’s of years of human history, all the great scientists of the western world were born together??? Was it a lottery into the materialistic development of countries like UK, USA, Germany, etc.??? Only an Indian, who is well aware of his culture can raise such a question, as westerners give less scope for going against them. The truth is that when Newton’s forefathers were monkeys, Bhaskaracharya, an Indian scholar, wrote an entire book on gravity. Einstein was wise enough to accept that the source of inspiration for all his research was Indian culture. Our science, though lot more advanced, was never patented, as the generations who lived then, did lot of research beyond the materialistic world as well. But when thieves arrived our country, they had no option but to steal and register our research in their names. All they needed was a stamp which gave them a license to steal our research. (Source: Hindu )


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